Our History

Bruce 'Chef B' DardenEquipped with certification from NY Food and Hotel Management School, certification in food protection in the state of New York, hands on experience from working at several New York/New Jersey restaurants, over 20 years of catering events that range from weddings to play casts to professional athletic events, and a vision, Bruce Darden’s goal is to make that vision a reality by building an enterprise that specializes in food that will tickle your palate and hospitality that will remain etched in your memory for years to come. His wife Yulanda Darden, who brings over 20 years of corporate customer service training and payroll experience, has worked diligently beside her husband to assist in bringing the concept to fruition.

Bruce 'Chef B' Darden

We are convinced that once you’ve tasted, your eyes (and taste buds) will be opened to a new world! You will realize that you have never had barbecue short ribs of beef as tender and mouth watering as the ones that come from our kitchen! You will become aware of the fact that the salmon you’ve had before, is not as delectable and tasty as the salmon prepared by Nygel’s. Once you’ve tried our seafood salad, you will know that the other seafood salads you’ve tried don’t quite cut it!

Call us to cater your next event.  At Nygel’s, we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to serve you!